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What are Short codes

Short codes services in India

Short codes are mobile numbers that are significantly shorter than regular mobile numbers (usually 10 digits) which are used for SMS, MMS and Interactive Voice Services. The idea behind short codes is to make them easy to remember. For example: Indiatimes has the short code 5-8888 in India, while Star India has 5-7825 (i.e. 5-STAR on a keypad). Messages sent to a short code can be toll free or – in most cases – more expensive than a regular SMS.

Short codes are used for buying content, interacting with a help menu, voting on TV programmes, listening to mobile radio, and a host of other services. Telecom operators, VAS service providers and TV channels use Short Codes for generating revenue.

Example: Type OXYZEN <email address> and send it to 56767500


  • Free Auto Reply Message
  • Web Based Control Panel
  • Customised Welcome Message
  • Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Real Time Web Based Reporting

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Revenue Sharing:

Minimum 1 LAC SMS Per Month will generate Rs.15,000 to 20,000 approx.
Customer Charged for SMS: Rs. 1 to Rs. 3 Per SMS (varies operator to operator) 

Payment will be made after 180 days.



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  • Type OXYZEN and send it to 56767500


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